Friday, September 14, 2012

History of Coffee Connection

How it began?
Feb 2007_Cups and plates in the brick kiln ready to be burnt

Polishing handmade ceramic serveware
Rushing through midnight
Cleaning up for pre-opening of cafe
setting up of cafe
Assembling chair happily
Furniture and fittings
Tahda! The whole cafe look during first X'mas.

Roadshow at Segi College

NTV7 Coffee Challenge shooting

Your barista of the day
Another barista... who loves the wood-crafted signage on the wall
MBC 2008 Apr
2008 MBC Champ & Best Espresso
ABC 2008 Apr - After Party!
So rush! 2 weeks to prepare for ABC, 1st time for Malaysia.

Malay drama shooting with celebrities. During the shooting, I was walking at the background as "care le feh", pretending to be very busy making coffee.
The memorable yellow in coffee.
Taking the last look with heavy heart, bye bye...

FHM 2009 Coffee Toffee Champions

MBC 2010 Mar

ABC 2010 - once again
The winners

My dream machine
The new beginning and transformation - Jul 2010
Coffee Appreciation Workshop 
Look! Whose that? Yes, its her.
Aeropress demo
Group photos
Coffee talk 
Paying attention
Coffee tasting, the traditional way...
BOBC June 2011
Little girl girl also wants to tamp
Sam, the first runner up
Sam's Latte Art Demo
Coffee Appreciation Level 1
Helpful hands
Hands on brewing
My new favourite brewing method
Showing the syphon style
Gorgeous celeb emcee : )
The special guest demo

Latte Art station for the launching guest to try and learn

Media photo shoot with a series of signature beverages
TimeOut KL shooting - Jul 2011
5 very good posers in coffee industry
Me in the lovely brown Coffee Connection apron, miss it man...
Profile photo shooting angle with latte etching
FHM 2011 - the unofficial camera girl
The Emcee
Love Latte Art Competition - Feb 2012
Fast learner college student, look at the heart!
BOBC March 2012 - with a bunch of passionate BUCH students, kudos!
WBC signatory cups & pitchers, woohoo!

Your Coffee Connection buddies, the legends, the partners, the coffee lovers, the memoirs...
The root cause
Sept 2012 - Mark the end, full stop. 
Thank you everyone for your support for Coffee Connection since 2007!

Please let me express my deepest gratitude and appreciation, without your encouragement, support, advice, opportunity given, teaching and sharing, I wont be who I am today. Imagine the power of a tiny little bean that brought us all together,  no matter who you are, where you are and what coffee you drink.

Let's cheers! for the love of coffee. : )

始于咖啡 终于咖啡

有始有终 定能成功

Sincerely Yours,